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  • We Offer Prompt Curbside/Parking Lot Service Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 5 PM. Just call us at 408-448-3000 enter option 6 to be connected to our customer service staff. We will bring out your items or arrange to pickup returns from your vehicle.
  • Our Showroom is available by appointment for qualified customers interested in special purchases of equipment not usually covered by insurance.
    • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
    • Lift Chairs
    • Electric Patient Lifts
    • Premium Fully Electric Hospital Beds
    • Premium high strength, lite-weight Travel Chairs, Hyrbids, & Rollators
    • Travel CPAP's: 
  • Our Customer Service Staff is able to help you with all your needs when you call.

*************************************************************************PHILIP’S RESPIRONIC’S VOLUNTARY RECALL OF CPAP/BIPAPS

Recently, Philips issued a recall for 3-4 million machines and WILL BE REPAIRING OR REPLACING THEM. Philips has retained a company to manage this directly for patients.

The recall for CPAP/BIPAP machines is due to potential long-term health consequences of the foam used to dampen the machine’s sound. At this time, Philips is advising patients to stop using their devices and contact their doctor to discuss any change in therapy.

Philips is also advising patients who continue to use their machines that they should manually clean them due to the fact that the health risks related to this recall may be exacerbated by using ozone-based cleaning methods.

Philips has created a registration process that will allow you to look up your device serial number and begin a claim if the unit is affected. This process is available at


If you have questions and would like to contact Philips directly, please call 877-907-7508 you can also visit their site for updated recall information at philips.com/src-update